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10 Tips When Stay In Hotel

Stay in a hotel probably is familiar to most people who like to travel, whether for business or on vacation or traveling. But, according to people who have never stayed at the hotel certainly is a little clunky. Well what the hell, the rules that must be adhered to when you stay at the hotel? Here are ten tips when you stay at the hotel to be aware that you are not ashamed.Do not yell or say rude to staff.

Do not tell anyone your room number. Usually the staff room reservations at the hotel reception, only shows the number of rooms, open mention that heard by other guests.
Do not let employees get into the hotel room if they do not have identification or identification that clearly.
Do not blame the hotel staff stealing your stuff. Based on experience Melchiorri, 99 percent of the items reported stolen in the end be found. However, it is your right to ask the manager to call the police to report lost items.
Do not order food or drink menu if you look at the page menu looked dirty and unkempt. Do not order if the menu says is “winter menu” as part of your stay is spring.
Do not use bath towels to clean or wipe the makeup off your shoes.
Do not throw anything in the garbage room if you do not want to know the hotel staff about your behavior in the room, including diabetic insulin syringes without properly wrapped.
Do not abuse the opportunity to check out the final palig deadline. If you need to check out a little late, ask the manager.
Do not leave your luggage unattended in the hotel lobby, even just for a second though.
Do not be embarrassed to call the hotel staff if there is stuff you left behind.

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