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What Flowers Should Be Used For Hotel Rooms?


The way in which the interiors of a hotel are decorated determines the number of guests it receives up-to some extent. So paying special attention to the reception, lobby and most importantly the hotel rooms and its decorations is essential. Any hotel owner or resort owner knows the importance of flower decoration while doing the interiors. For a long time, decorating hotel rooms along with other areas with artificial flowers has been quite popular.


People prefer to stay in a hotel that has a good ambiance and ensures a comfortable stay. Putting up live flowers or plants might be inconvenient for some hotel owners as it requires regular maintenance. At times, special staff members need to be employed to put up live flowers, which in turn is an added expense on the hotel’s budget. However, nobody can deny the fact that real live flowers are really beautiful and ideal for decoration purposes.

Since many people avoid live flower decoration, so the alternative option is artificial flowers. Apparently these artificial flowers provide elegant appearance and is affordable too. The best part about artificial flowers are they don’t need to be changed regularly. So, the decoration can be done using them and kept intact without any alterations for years. At times, they need to be cleaned by dusting out all the dirt to make them look fresh and new.

There are firms that manufacture silk flowers but only for certain hotels that provides a rich appearance. For an owner of a hotel, it is vital to find a trustworthy and professional supplier of lovely artificial flowers, that provides good quality service for the money. For hotels with limited budget, they can contact a local supplier whereas hotels with no budget constraint can choose a reputed supplier or even have the flowers ordered from overseas. So, prior to finalizing any deal, it is significant to do proper research as flower arrangements and decorations affect the hotel’s reputation.

Sometimes, business professionals book a hotel to host an important conference. In such situations, the entrepreneurs need to book one of the best hotels and also ensure that its decoration is properly done. Business professionals might want a particular look or appearance to be portrayed in-front of their foreign guests. So flowers have a major role to play in such a scenario. First and foremost, greeting the guests with lovely bouquets makes them feel special. Or else, flower bouquets can also be placed in the respective hotel rooms before their arrival. Then the dining area also should be decorated in an accomplished manner. To provide a pleasant and memorable service, the tables should be decorated with classy flowers or even any kind of rare flowers that might interest as well as please the guests. These are done to make them feel relaxed and at home. Last but not the least, the area where the conference would be held should also be decorated appropriately. Their would be some focal points in the conference room, so recognizing them is vital. Then placing flowers of unique shapes or colors can make them wonder and pleased too. Thus, it can be seen that flowers are ideal for business encounters.

Another thing that calls for decorations at hotels are wedding ceremonies. Sometimes couples prefer to do their wedding at a hotel, either due to their wish or because shortage of time, they could not arrange for a venue. However, hotels can be perfect wedding venues if decorated properly with flowers. Decorating each room where guests would reside with subtle floral decorations could be a good idea. However, it should not look like any normal day’s decoration. The special effect should be there. Next, the area where the wedding would take place, nothing could be better than a lovely floral decoration. It can also be based on a certain theme. In such a situation a wedding planner can also be hired as they would be able to provide a variety of options for decoration. One can choose the perfect one that would also suit the budget. Wedding planners exactly know the flowers that would actually look the best. In a way, hiring wedding planners lets the couple relax about the decoration part, as they already have a lot of other things to be worried about. Therefore, floral decorations in hotels can serve various purposes.

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