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Finding the Best Ballroom Dancing Cruise

How do you fancy spending your holiday on a beautiful cruise liner whilst also improving your ballroom dancing skills? Perfect for both beginners and advanced dancers, a ballroom dancing cruise is great for anyone who wants to get their dance shoes on and meet a few like minded individuals at the same time. Think how amazing ballroom dancing could be if you could do it in a luxurious ballroom, on the ocean! But how do you find the best ballroom dancing cruise company? Let’s have a look at some options.

Speak to Ballroom Dancers:

If you know anyone who is a ballroom dancing enthusiast, this is possibly the best place to start, especially if they have taken a cruise before. A ballroom dancer who has taken a cruise will be able to tell you honestly about their experience and let you know whether they would recommend it. If they would like to, maybe you could travel as a group and receive a discount rate on your booking. You could also speak to dance teachers or members of dance groups in your area if you do not know anyone individually.

Online Forums:

There are a number of ballroom dancing forums on the internet and you can be sure that some of the members will have taken a ballroom dancing cruise before. You could begin by placing a forum thread and asking for advice and if anyone replies who seems knowledgeable you can send them a private message and ask for more information. You are likely to come away with quite a few different ideas, both good and bad.

Cruise Review Websites:

Holiday review websites are all the rage nowadays and many people post both positive and negative reviews online to share their experiences with fellow travellers. Try visiting a website that is specific to ballroom dancing cruises and see what the general review is like. If a company is getting a lot of positives, they may be the best company to look at when searching for your ideal cruise.

Cruise Blogs:

Thousands of people post blogs online to share information about their experiences with others. There are some fantastic cruise blogs out there by seasoned cruisers and these are an ideal place to start your search. Look for someone who has been on a cruise holiday that is similar to what you want and try to gauge their experiences. Blogs tend to be more detailed than forum replies and reviews so if you want to hear about an experience in detail this could be the perfect opportunity. Some bloggers may also be willing to answer any questions you have.

Ballroom dancing on a cruise is truly the ultimate dance experience! As well as practicing your skills you may also get the opportunity to show what you have learnt by performing in front of the other cruisers. With a spectacular ballroom floor to dance on, expert teachers to help you, ballroom professionals to inspire you and all the luxuries of a traditional cruise, you are sure to have an experience like never before!

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