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The Benefits of Vacationing on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is located off the east coast of Australia, it is a short plane trip from the capital but not many people even know this paradise island is on their doorstep. The island is governed by the mainland, but it feels completely different to anything you’ve ever encountered in Australia or New Zealand. The moment you arrive on the island you’re immediately blown away by its natural beauty.

No Pollution

You’ll very rarely encounter such a beautiful holiday destination that doesn’t suffer from pollution, especially from public transport. Norfolk Island is one such place that doesn’t have a public transport network meaning that visitors aren’t exposed to high levels of pollution. They get to enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about smog. The roads on the island are basic, so the majority of visitors use bicycles or motorcycles to get around. The more people who use bicycles or choose to walk helps reduce the amount of pollution emanating from exhausts. The road aren’t busy, so they are perfect for active travellers who like to cycle or walk.

No Traffic

There are some incredibly beautiful, historic cities dotted throughout the world such as Rome, Paris, and London, but they all suffer heavily from traffic congestion. It is difficult to travel from one part of the city to the next without getting stuck for hours in a taxi or on a bus. Big cities are also intensely hot and humid, especially during the summer and the sheer number of vehicles driving around the city only adds to the humidity.

Norfolk Island doesn’t suffer from any of these issues, it has a small population which mostly use manpowered vehicles to get around. You often have to drive slower around the island, so you avoid getting in an accident with the local wildlife or livestock.


The islands economy thrives on tourism, so there are plenty of hotels for all different types of visitors including backpacker and high-end travellers. One of the most popular places to stay can be found at https://www.governorslodgeresort.com/, which offers incredible amenities and services for all its guests. Many of the hotels on the island are in close proximity to nature and they offer outstanding views of the island. There is no camping permitted on the island, so it is best to book ahead when planning a visit.

Incredible Scenery

One of the best things about visiting Norfolk Island is its unspoiled beauty, it is a wonderful place for enthusiastic walkers, runner, trekkers and bikers. There are numerous places to visit in the area and you’ll be greeted by incredible pine forests through to deserted beaches. Some of the cliffs offer delightful views of the island that any visitor would truly enjoy.

There are many great reasons to visit Norfolk Island, it is quite possibly one of the most underrated holiday destinations in the world. The island continues to attract more and more visitors every year, so now is a great time to visit. It is largely untouched making it a unique place to see.

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