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Four alternative honeymoons for adventurous lovers

It’s five years since I got married and thanks to my wonderful friends and family, my wife. After that special day, the wedding, came the honeymoon and as we were whisked away to the airport, still bleary-eyed from the night before, thoughts of romantic strolls and candlelit dinners kept hang-overs at bay until we reached our final destination, Sorrento in southern Italy.

Now, I’m not saying that we didn’t have a good time but heading for a tourist hot-spot in August was probably not going to guarantee the kind of exclusivity that we had initially hoped for.

So with the immortal words: ‘this is not the sleepy fishing village that I’d expected’ ringing in my ears I’d like to suggest to you four alternative honeymoon destinations that I believe will inspire lovers of both romance and also adventure travel.Borneo:Borneo

With loads of snow white beaches and warm shallow waters to tickle your toes this is the quintessential tropical paradise and if you’re not feeling romantic and mushy by the end of your stay then you may want to check the small print on your marriage certificate.

If lazing on the beach and staring into each other’s eyes over fresh fruit cocktails isn’t enough, you’ll find a whole host of activities to make the most of your stay such as: jungle treks, hot springs and water sports.

For the more adventurous star-crossed lovers the trails of Kinabalu National Park are perfect for working up an appetite prior to your romantic evening meal whilst the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary is the ideal place to adopt your first pet.

Kinabalu National Park

Costa Rica:

If you’re looking to ignite that oh-so-important romantic spark then the lush green slopes of Costa Rica may give you more than you bargained for. Arenal Volcano has been active for several centuries and won’t fail to add hot molten lava fireworks to any adventure holiday let alone your honeymoon.

As this beautiful Central American country is sandwiched between the Caribbean and the Pacific there are plenty of opportunities to cool off after your red-hot volcano experiences and chances to stroll along the shore and sip coconut cocktails are plentiful.

Of course, you’ll be sharing the beach with plenty of interesting locals and helping out with community and turtle conservation projects offers plenty of ways to spread your newlywed love.


Pack your heels and practise your cha cha cha because this Latin American beauty is taking no prisoners. From the colonial cobbles and mojito bars of Havana to the Caribbean beaches and heritage museums of Trinidad, Cuba presents a whole host of occasions to unleash your newly acquired passion upon the unsuspecting world.

Any couples looking for a blend of rolling hillsides and historic heritage are in for a real treat as from lush green tobacco plantations to cigar smoking revolutionaries, discovering and learning together is the best way of saying I ? U.

Cuba is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and varied honeymoon destinations on the planet and chances to let your hair down and not shave for a couple of weeks will have you yelling ‘Viva la revolución of love’ from start to finish.


For lovers of the wild side of life there can be no finer destination than Tanzania. With more animals than you can throw a bridal bouquet at and landscapes that just go on forever, this is the perfect destination for anyone who fancies sitting outside a safari lodge and watching the stars come out.

With national parks featuring: Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti and wildlife packed watering holes, you’re bound to come away with some incredible photos as well as wild memories that will stay with you long after the confetti has fallen from your suitcase.

If you fancy adding an extra touch of spice to your trip then Zanzibar is no distance at all. This beautiful island has some fabulous locations from where to enjoy the Indian Ocean and with the likes of Stone Town providing plenty of cultural heritage, this is the perfect place to end your time in paradise.

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