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Your Guide To Offbeat Travel In China


With over 27.11 million people visiting annually, China is predicted to become the world’s largest tourist destination by 2021. Such is the enigma of China that people are looking at travel packages that take them through the alleys of the country.


China today is getting more visitor-friendly, with locals trying to learn the global language of communication, English. However, communication can still be a herculean task for visitors who do not know Chinese. So, hiring a travel guide for travelling in China is an excellent option for those visitors who wish to enjoy every tiny aspect of this vast, culture-enriched country. An advantage of hiring a travel guide in China is that you get to break through the language barrier with ease. Meanwhile, it’s good for the visitor to learn basic Mandarin words before stepping into the world’s most populous country. A travel guide can also aid you learn a few important words quickly that can help you in times of need.

If you are a traveler who enjoys the offbeat, then detailed itineraries created by guides to Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Sichuan and Gansu can be the best bet for you. Some guides in China also offer language cards specific to the region you will be visiting, along with maps.

One effective way to get to see the real China is by interacting with locals, with your guide being the interpreter where needed. You can encourage conversation by offering them little souvenirs from your country and taking pictures with them. This not only leaves behind great memories, but may also garner friends for life for you.Taking the less often tourist route with an effective guide can also lead you to those amazing food joints where you get to savor authentic Chinese food. You can also scour through those local markets that can get you an amazing variety of souvenirs and memories to take back home. Many shops in China allow you to customize your gifts. Besides, several boutique hotels also sport an art gallery to help you pick souvenirs.

When in China do not forget to get on an energy high. Visit a qi clinic for an effective wellness program using traditional Chinese Medicine. There are several top hospitals and spas in China that offer rejuvenating TCM programs.

As much as a visit to The Great Wall is imperative, so is a visit to one of the several tea plazas in China. You can test your taste buds with white, red and green teas sitting alongside tea tasters–a little education while travelling!

Before deciding on a visit to China, it is important that you decide on the places you wish to visit and the best time of the year to make that trip. China is a vast country with weather conditions varying across its geographies. A good travel guide in China understands these climatic conditions and can assist you plan an itinerary that allows you to see the best of this land of silk.

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