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Dream Destinations for Car Enthusiasts

Got a gear-head in your life who wants to get away? Or are you a motoring enthusiast yourself with a desire to combine your passion with some much-needed R&R? There are a number of unique, thrilling vacation locations, which cater for the car nut. Here are a few suggestions…


Wolfsburg, a couple of hours away from Berlin, has a number of automotive bragging rights. As well as being home to Volkswagen’s largest production plant, it also features Autostadt or Auto City, a theme park of sorts, where owners from across the country descend to pick up their new Volkswagens. But there’s more. The Autostadt also houses a car museum, driving experiences and a tour around the VW production line. Even the nearby Ritz Carlton hotel contains an automobile pavilion dedicated to the history of this iconic German motor. And, of course, this being Germany you can zoom to the area on the autobahn at speeds only dreamed of at home.Autostadit


Not the biggest collection of classic cars you’ll ever see, nor the most informative auto museum on the planet. But for sheer weight of dedication and an unparalleled passion, Darryl Starbird’s would be hard to beat. Just a mechanic and part-time collector, Starbird soon became a hot-rod obsessive, fixing up some of the most iconic motor vehicles ever to grace the freeway. Soon Darryl was dedicating his life to the restoration of these amazing cars and progressed to putting them on display for an appreciative world to see. It’s the only museum on earth, he claims, dedicated to classic Hot Rods and Custom Cars, honouring the vision, craftsmanship and tenacity of the men who built them. You’ll certainly see some incredible hot-rod creations and supercars you’ll never forget.


As everyone knows, New Zealand is home and originator to all things extreme. They invented Zorbing for goodness sake. But if you are a gear-head with a sense of adventure, the Cardrona Adventure Park in Wanaka is a must visit. The park offers a number of unique driving experiences. Ever fancied flipping onto two wheels just like in the movies? Stunt driving and the opportunity to try a few James Bond style tricks are on offer. You can drive a monster truck on an off-road course and even over a few cars and you’ll have the chance to get behind the wheel of Schoolbully – the world’s biggest school bus monster truck! With other quad bike, 4×4 and off-road driving fun available, Cardrona is the adrenaline driven car enthusiasts dream.


A home away from home for the Gear Head, a motel dedicated to the great American art of cruising (in cars that is). With the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherohala Skyway and Great Smoky Mountains right on the doorstep, this is the perfect place to rent a classic American muscle car or motorbike, get your motor running and head out on the highway. As well as some of the most scenic, glorious driving experiences, you’ll also find the Wheels Through Time and Backing Up Classics motor museums a short cruise away, as well as amazing hiking trails and national parks. A perfect place for those in love with the great American hot-rod or muscle car.


Nestled in the hills just outside Seville, the Ascari is dedicated to the pursuit of speed and an indulgence in luxury. Where else could you dine on fantastic Andalucian cuisine and enjoy a stay in a five-star hotel while dreaming of speeding around a professional racetrack in a high-performance vehicle. On the 3.4 mile track, the longest in Spain, complete with hairpin turns and challenging chicanes, you’ll have your pick of a classic supercar, Grand Prix kart or bring your own beloved vehicle along with you, open her up and see what she can do in this unrestricted atmosphere. If the highways and local thoroughfares just aren’t doing it for you anymore, Ascari will get you back in touch with your wild side.

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