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Deciding Which Safari Holiday To Book

Of all of the vacations you can plan, none can equal the exotic sights and adventures that can be had on a safari. The unique climate, varieties of animals, and one-of-a-kind lifestyle all combine into one, extraordinary experience. There are some important things to consider when booking a safari holiday.


One of the first and most important things to consider is when you plan to take your safari holiday. Safaris offer great sightseeing and hunting opportunities all year long, but each season has a different experience to offer. If you are more interested in partaking in game viewing, the dry seasons are the optimal time to go. Roads are more easily navigated and the temperatures are much milder during the day. Less water also means that animals will be forced to seek out isolated water sources, leading to a wide variety of animals that can be seen in one, convenient location.

Because many other travellers will be taking advantage of the dry season in order to book their safari holiday, it is vitally important that you make reservations quite a ways in advance of making the trip. Dry season is the busiest time of year for lodging, making it rather limited during this time. Fewer safaris are open at parks and reserves, making them hot tickets if you haven’t planned in advance. If you wait until the last minute to book your accommodations, the rooms will be of lesser quality and you will end up paying too much for a rather meager room. December is the month for local tourism, so be prepared for additional surcharges if you go on safari at that time.

When booking your safari, also determine how long you wish to be there. Five days is generally the happy medium for a safari holiday. That way you will have more opportunities to encounter big game and come in contact with local tribes. Short trips may afford these opportunities as well, but you will feel rushed and the hosts and guides will be more interested in getting as much of your money as they can in a short period of time, detracting from the total experience.

Any vacation requires advance planning and research. A safari is no different. You should plan out a trip that won’t clear out your bank account and make reservations well in advance. Figure out how long you will stay in order to maximize your time spent on safari, and your holiday will be more than worth it.

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