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Ultra-Luxe Big Rig Resorts – The Perfect Match for Your Class A Motor


With the vacationers’ growing penchant for living king-size on the road, more and more people today are opting to invest in Class A motor homes, which are the industry’s largest. And yes, you don’t have to shell out millions of dollars to buy these super-rigs because you can find many used Class A motor home for sale in the RV listing sites at any given point of time. These pre-owned vehicles offer you the same luxe features that you can find in their brand new counterparts, but at a considerably lower price point. And, when you are investing in the very best, you would obviously not settle for an experience shorter than the extraordinary. That’s one of the reasons why posh RV resorts have climbed up the popularity ladder recently.


Luxury RV Resorts and Parks – A Treat for Your Fancy Mobile Home

There is something interesting about the big-rig game – although some travelers are willing to make a trade-off between old and new coaches, they are not ready to compromise on the standard of the RV parks they are going to spend the night in. This explains the growing popularity of ultra-luxury RV resorts and parks across the country featuring spectacular locations, plush amenities, and high-class environment. Some of them will make you poorer by $100 a night. But so what? The kind of facilities you enjoy in these resorts are simply jaw-dropping. In addition, there are many more reasons to drive in a Class A-designated RV park.

Size: These behemoths can be more than 45 feet in length and can weigh as much as 10 tons. The vehicles that pull a car or a trailer may even exceed 60 to 90 feet in overall length. And yes, you should also count their slide-outs. Some Class A motor homes may even have up to four slide-outs. The gigantic form is both a boon and bane for these big rigs – you need plenty of room to maneuver and park it for the night. Only luxury resorts catering to the Class A type can offer the required space.

Electricity: These giant motor homes consume a huge amount of electricity. Many of them even come with two air conditioners. Their well-equipped kitchens mean more appliances. This calls for at least 50 amp connections. Add to this the motorized awnings, slide-outs and other expandable units, and you know why some motor home owners may need connection to 100 amp hook-ups. The big-rig friendly resorts offer services to help meet these huge electricity needs.

Right Environment: When you are driving a top-class motor home, you will naturally want to be surrounded by the people of your ilk at the park-site. You certainly don’t want your gorgeous mobile home to be parked next to a shabby camper van. Thanks to their price tag, these premier resorts attract only the creme-de-la-creme of travelers, so that Class A-ers find them in the right company while taking breaks in between their day-long romance with the road.

Amenities That Will Leave You Awe-Struck

From California to Florida and from Colorado to Montana, you can find these exclusive establishments all over North America. Many of them offer ‘coach retreat’ packages that include fireplaces, steam showers, and luxury kitchens under canopies to let you enjoy extra space. Several resorts come complete with ‘coach houses’ or ‘casitas’ that include a living room and extra kitchen space. They practically replicate mini-apartments allowing for spacious living and entertaining. Some ultra-exclusives come complete with golf courses, private marinas and even movie theaters.

These classy RV parks and resorts are pricey, but as they say – “you get what you pay for”. Instead of buying a brand new model, opt for a well-maintained used Class A motor home for sale, and save a considerable dollar amount. Splurge it on staying at some of these incredible lots, where sky is the limit, literally.

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