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How To Plan The Perfect Surfing Travel With Destination Surf Banyak?

How To Plan The Perfect Surfing Travel With Destination Surf Banyak?

When planning a vacation, the destination should be your highest priority. You need to make sure that you have the right arrangement of the itinerary to suffice all of your requirements for the vacation. If you are a diehard Surf lover, you need to plan destination travel at least once to the Surf Banyak Islands. Here is a look at all the factors that glorify this destination and tips on how you can plan your ideal surf vacation here.

Knowing more about the Banyak Islands

Indonesia is ideally gaining popularity as a tropical vacation destination. The Banyak Islands, in particular, is an archipelago (a group of islands) that lies about 100 miles to the west of the Sumatra coast. You can reach the destination by a charter boat from the Sibolga homeport. You can also access the islands by charter flights, which usually pirate every day from the Medan airport to Singapore or even Kuala Lumpur airport. You can also hire flights from Medan to Sibolga airport. The Islands of Banyak are a surfers’ paradise. The low pressure of the Indian Ocean makes it ideal for consistent powerful wave swells along the region. On top of it, The Banyak Islands are less crowded so you get more peace from your holiday session.

Things to do on your Banyak Tour

The most popular activity is to hire a charter boat to go around experiencing the amazing Banyak view. The idyllic tropical paradise has a very chilled vibe and you can just plan a look around on your first day to get a feel of the best places for catching the perfect waves.

The most popular spots are around the Bandkaru islands or the Tuangku region. The surfers swear by the excellent level of the waves in these regions. Simply contact Surf Banyak professionals to reach the spot and get down your surfboards to catch some of the best wave action of your life.

Whether you are looking for a deep barrel wave or a fast down-the-line hollow wave peeler, you can get every variety consistently in the regions. The Banyak islands also afford you to catch long walls of cruising waves to just rip around on your surfboard for a long drawn session. Surfing at home will never come close to the richness of variety and spectacular views of the Banyak surfing experience.

You can also plan wonderful beach nights with exclusive chefs hosting you with excellent cuisines. The complementary cosines can be the exotic Indonesian or even European or continental if you so prefer.

Go around on an Island tour to experience the local spirit and shop for authentic Indonesian souvenirs.

Surfers all around the world swear by the quality of different waves that are essentially available in the Banyak islands region. You can start out with the minis to play around with the short barrels waves to build your confidence. If you are an experienced surfer, look for the Gorilla waves or the Cobra waves to get the trill of your life as you catch uninterrupted playtime on the rippable face of the ocean. The Banyaks offer a variety of surfing experience for all levels and that makes it ideal for even families looking to catch some wave action together.

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