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Luxury Hotels in Corsica and the South of France

The hotel that you choose during your French holiday should offer much more than just a place to sleep at night. On a day when you just want to relax and perhaps take a break from shopping and sight-seeing, you should have the luxury of finding entertainment and relaxation right within the walls of your hotel. Corsica and the South of France both offer hotels with incredible scenery and amenities.

Here are a few that top of the lists of most travelers.This beautiful luxury hotel in Corsica strives to balance the untamed environment surrounding it and the comfort of its guests. The hotel includes 50 different rooms and suites, each with a terrace that faces the beautiful waters. The views are elegant and the atmosphere is tranquil. This is one Mediterranean resort that you don’t want to skip over; it has gardens, swimming, sun decks, and endless stretches of white sand beach. Hotel Spa des Pecheurs offers a sense of serenity and peace that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.This sea front Corsican hotel overlooks its own secluded beach and cove. The hotel is situated right against green hillsides and amazing mountain scenery. The hotel has a rustic feel and is decorated in antique decor that gives it a very country-house look. The luxury is embedded in a feel of close-to-home comfort and simplicity.A charming hotel whose popularity is almost as great as its style, Hotel La Perouse offers the feel of a private home while surrounding you with all the magic and beauty of a Mediterranean resort. Hotel La Perouse definitely has a getaway feel to it, tucking you into beautiful gardens in a peaceful area while still offering the same amenities as a crowded hotel. The city of Old Nice is only a walk away, which means that Hotel La Perouse really does let you have your cake and eat it too.he largest renovation of any Cannes hotel happened here at Palais Stephanie and a grand re-opening was held in May of 2009. The ocean front suites are about as glamorous as it gets in the south of France and the elegant atmosphere is outstanding. The rooms were each custom designed by French designers who paid attention to each and every detail. This is evident in the beautiful chocolate shades of each room that add an air of sophistication as well as the beautiful stitched leather furniture. The hotel offers a total of 263 rooms and is host to the world famous Cannes Film Festival. Other amenities include swimming pools, Jacuzzis, terraces, casinos, and restaurants.The Boscolo Exedra stands right on the main Boulevard in the city of Nice. A 5 star luxury hotel if there ever was one, this is the place to be if you are looking for sheer elegance. The design is contemporary with a few futurist touches here and there. The bar and fish market restaurant are exquisite and the spa area and swimming pools are what attract the more “fashionable” guests.

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